T-Series Turbo Cam Sensor (eqv. to MHK10014)
  • T-Series Turbo Cam Sensor (eqv. to MHK10014)

T-Series Turbo Cam Sensor (eqv. to MHK10014)

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Rover 220 Coupe - T-Series Turbo Cam Sensor (Also fits other 200 models and 600ti and 800 Turbo)


T-Series Turbo Cam sensors have been unavailable new for many years. Second hand prices have been known to reach over £100.

The Rover Part number was MHK10014. They are only fitted to Turbo models, but also the 600ti and 800 Turbo models as well

Failed Cam sensors can cause lumpy starting and cold running, and high emissions from cold. You can detect camshaft sensor failure by disconnecting the cranksensor, if the engine still starts and runs, you will detect a working cam sensor!

You can also detect if there is a failed sensor by putting a multi-meter across the blue and red pins of the connections - a working sensor will read about 1350 Ohms

The sensors have been produced to match the design of the original as close as possible, and are a direct fit with no modification needed.

This part is a "3rd Party Part" supplied directly from one of our club members, CoupeRich (Richard)

Club Full Members Price is £50 - please see forum for discount code

UK-Only shipping is included in the price

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